Clean Space Moisture Control

What do mold, insects, water vapor, rot and wood decay have in common? All these conditions can be found in crawl spaces throughout the country. We have a solution to make your indoor living environment safer for your family.

We are a certified dealer for CleanSpace . CleanSpace is a cost effective method of eliminating nasty odors, water vapor and mold spores from entering your home through the stack effect. Believe it or not everything in your crawl space eventually makes it upstairs. As heat rises the natural air movement in a home is upward . Air escapes out of the upper levels and is drawn upward from the lower levels. The main problem with crawl spaces especially vented dirt crawls is humidity. Humidity levels in a crawl space easily will reach 50%-90% even in crawls which have never flooded. High humidity levels are perfect for mold and condensation . Not to speak of an inefficient heat space and at today’s prices who can afford that.

Hard as it may be, DON’T PANIC we have an answer. It’s CleanSpace . The CleanSpace liner is used to isolate the earth from the home completely and permanently. The liner is a heavy 20 mil thick material similar to a pool liner. It is manufactured in 7 layers and has a bright white appearance to allow you to see that your new crawl space is clean and dry. Its not unusual to have homeowners begin using their new crawl space for storage. In fact our installers will remove their shoes when installing the floor. Now that’s clean!

Concrete crawls aren’t safe either. Concrete is porous which allows water vapor through creating much the same effect as a dirt crawl just not as dramatic.

Call today or email us for a free estimate, it may be the best call you ever make. Ask us about our 25 year warranty. Don’t forget about the coupon.



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