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Termite Control

You can have peace of mind with Brunson Termite Control

Termites can be detrimental to your home or business. At Brunson Pest Control, our trained technicians are experienced in both preventing and eradicating termites. You can have peace of mind with the specific plan they will create to protect your home, apartment building or office from these destructive insects – before it costs you dearly.

Just because you haven’t seen termites, doesn’t mean your home or business is termite free

The biggest problem with termites is that you usually don’t see them or the damage they cause until it’s too late. In fact, the annual cost of termite damage to buildings in the United States is greater than that of fires, storms and floods combined. Termites are extremely well organized and they can find a way inside any structure, regardless of its construction. That’s why we offer advanced treatment methods for termite control and elimination. Whether you are looking to protect your home or prevent damage of your business, let us be your first line of defense against termite invasions.

Our approach with Termite Control

At Brunson Pest Control, we use pest control systems that are both up-to-date and reliable. With the Advance Termite Control Bait System, we can be sure to protect your most valuable investment. This proven system includes taking a closer look at termites, the ways they cause damage and the best treatment options.

Worried your home or business might have termites? Contact us before it’s too late!


Things to know about termites:

  • Not sure if the insect you’re seeing is an ant or a termite?
    • Termites tend to have equal size wings, straight antennae and a thicker less defined waist
    • Ants have wings that are usually longer in front and shorter in back, elbowed antennae and a narrow pinched waist
  • How termites enter your home:
    • Termites constantly forage and evaluate the size and quality of food resources as they seek out cellulose, the primary component of wood.
    • Termites follow tree roots and construction conduits such as pipes and footers to gain entry into homes.
    • Termites can enter homes with an opening as small as 1/32”.
    • Termites can be in your home for several years with very few visible signs of activity.
  • How can you tell if termites are present in or near your home? Unfortunately, there may be little warning. But watch for these signs:
    • Winged termites swarming during the day or evening and often after rainfall
    • Termite evidence in or around windows and doorframes
    • Mud tunnels appearing on or around the foundation, under windows or on a wall
    • Baseboards and floors which may sound hollow when tapped
    • Dead termites or termite wings on window sills or along walls